New Attitude from a New Latitude
Chapter in Grape Growing & Wine Making



To become a bridge between the agriculture sector and the market.


To elevate Indonesia’s agriculture potentials one step at a time with every bottle of Sababay wine.

“History is moving beyond the old and the new. Right from the equator, Sababay invites you to the next chapter of the global journey in grape growing and wine making from a new latitude . Fresh and lively, our wine is easily a crowd favorite , passionately created for your enjoyment and appreciation to our beautiful nature . “ - Evy Gozali, CEO.


Sababay was started from a dream of empowering farmers and evolving Indonesia's agriculture potentials. The name ‘Sababay’ itself, originates from the winery’s location along the beautiful ‘Saba’ bay (Teluk Saba) in Gianyar, Bali.

Sababay wines are crafted with passion every day to highlights Bali’s outstanding natural products. Sababay are closely collaborating with local grape farmers, winemakers, wine experts, and distributors to create local products with international standards, while respecting the principles of transparency, equality, diversity and individual rights in our company and community.

Our passion leads to innovation in products, processes and business model. Utilizing superior production technology, enhanced irrigation techniques and tailored rootstock selection to create a premium, locally-produced brand.

About Us

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Dark Brown Leather Watch

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Creative Wooden Stand

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