The next chapter in Sababay story-a celebration of diversity, heritage and craftsmanship, that distilled into crafted spirits of Indonesia

Sababay Distillery was born in Bali and inspired by Indonesia's rich heritage and biodiversity. From the start, we believe that the best ingredients for our spirit are the ones that’s readily available all around us. That is why we choose high quality-locally sourced ingredients to give the world a crafted spirit of Indonesia.
We realized that it is a bold, but an innovative move for a local wine producer to take; nonetheless, we want to be the torch-bearer of Indonesian craftsmanship and produced local spirits which we are proud to present to the world.

Continuing the Legacy

Spirit production is not a recent phenomenon in Indonesia, in fact some parts of Indonesia have been producing traditional spirit since before the Indonesian independence. Spirits like Arak Bali and Tuak Sumatra, have been ingrained and become the staple beverage of these regions.
As a local distillery we want to continue this legacy. We want to take this tradition and combine it with our unique touch to elevate the quality of Indonesia made spirit.

Resolutely Small Batch

High quality spirit will not create themselves. While It is crucial to start with high quality ingredients; it is also equally important to have the precise know how and obsessive attention to detail. That is why we are here at Sababay Distillery produce our spirit in small batches. Small batch production allows us to meticulously craft each product and control every step of the production and distillation process.

Saba Grappa, crafted spirit of Indonesia from Sababay Distillery.

Saba Grappa is the first Grappa distilled in Bali. The 'Saba' name, stems from the bay of Saba in Gianyar which also houses our winery. We have one mission with Saba, that is to highlight the quality of Balinese grapes that have been overlooked in the market.
Grappa originally made by distilling the skin and the pulp of grapes after wine production. With Saba Grappa however, we aim to preserve the characteristics of the grape and the smoothness of the Grappa; that is why we are using fresh pressed grape juice as our main ingredients and distilled them using our own copper alembic
With its toast and vanilla undertones; enjoyed this smooth, floral, and elegant grappa neat, on the rocks, or served in any of your favorite cocktail.

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