Sababay Winery - an Indonesian Winery with an exquisite wine range


Sababay Winery is a unique place in Bali held by passionate wine enthusiasts crafting local wine.


What better way to describe this Indonesian winery than to look at the wines it produces? Sababay wines offer a savant mix of passion knowledge and quality sorted in different series suitable for any occasions.


Here is what you should know to delight yourself with the wine range in its entirety


Velvet Series - Sip of Laughter

Picture yourself with friends, sharing funny life stories in a cosy place… What’s missing? A glass of wine in your hand of course! Sababay Velvet Series wines are the perfect match for this kind of precious time. Black Velvet (red wine), White Velvet (white wine) & Pink Blossom (rose wine) an easy to drink wine range to enjoy a sip of laughter without overthinking it! Whether you are a wine beginner or you already have some knowledge, you will like the fresh and fruity aromas of these balinese wines for sure.


Reserve Series - Sip of Delight

Want to take it up a notch? Our winemaker Nicolas Delacressonniere, and wine expert Yohan Handoyo, imagined premium wines to tickle your taste buds. The reserve series offer more complexity and some lovely aromas, perfect to be paired with Indonesian cuisine. Wine is this magical product that can turn good food into something even better. So let’s celebrate local wines and local gastronomy with Reserve Red (dry red wine), Reserve White (dry white wine) and Ludisia (sweet red).


Sparkling Series - Sip of Joy

What about if you’re having a party? Graduation? Birthday? Wedding? Or simply feeling like popping the bubbles for any excuses? Then the Sparkling Series wines are made for you! A delightful selection of bubbly wines, perfect companion for any celebration times. You like red, white, rosé? We got you covered with Lambrusco (sweet red sparkling wine), Moscato de Bali (sweet white sparkling wine), Ascaro (dry white sparkling wine) and Moscarosa (sweet rosé sparkling wine).


Mascetti - Sip of Memento

Last but not least this distinctive wine needed a paragraph for itself. Mascetti is the first port style wine (also called fortified wine) launched in Bali, so unique! It’s created with a special wine making process, the winemaker will stop the wine fermentation at some point (by adding spirit) resulting in a higher alcohol content and a higher sugar content… For this wine bottle, the alcohol level rank at 19% and the taste is sweet, spicy, toasty, a flavourful balance! This is just ideal to enjoy after a long day at work or to treat yourself with some special guests… you deserve it!

Guess now you will find any occasion to open a bottle of Sababay, and have a sip of the delicious local balinese wine.


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