Wine Know How // Look Like An Expert

So, you want to look the part when it comes to wine tasting, but you don’t know the first thing about wine, other than you like drinking it? Perfect! That’s what we’re here for. All you need to do is follow our 3 easy steps, and we’ll make you look like an expert! It’s a definite way to impress!

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Serving Temperatures

Temperature affects wine appreciation.
Serving temperature guidelines are :

  • Sparkling wines: 4˚C to 6˚C – 40 minutes in an ice bucket
  • Sweet white wines: 6˚C to 8˚C
  • Light fruity white wines and rose wines: 8˚C to 12˚C
  • Full bodied white wines and light bodied red wines: 10˚C to 15˚C
  • Full bodied red wines: 15˚C to 18˚C
  • Liqueur : 16˚C to 18˚C

Wine Storage

Keep it in the dark
Store all wines away from light, especially direct sunlight and fluorescent fixtures.

Store corked wine bottles on their side
If they are stored upright for a long amount of time,
the corks will dry out, and air will eventually get to the wine.

Keep the temperature constant
For extended aging of wine (over 1 year), refrigeration is a must;
even a below-ground cellar is not enough.

Don't move the wine
If possible, store the wines in such a way that you
don’t need to move them in order to reach a bottle to drink.

Keep the humidity at around 70%
High humidity keeps the cork from drying and minimizes evaporation.

Store for an appropriate amount of time
Not all wines improve over time. Generally, New World, inexpensive wines will not.

Wine Glasses

Glassware is very important to wine tasting. A glass should be clear in order to visualize clarity and colour, thin rimmed to enjoy the sip, has a long stem to hold it with comfort, has a bowl large enough to swirl the wine and be slightly curved at the top to channel the aromas.

The ideal capacity is between 350 ml and 500 ml with only a third being filled with wine. A tulip shaped glass is the most common. It is however disputable that red wines need a larger bowl than white wines while sparkling wines need a narrow flute to admire and preserve their fine bubbles. It is preferable to serve liqueur wines in smaller glasses.