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Black Velvet
White Velvet
Pink Blossom
Reserve Red
Moscato d'Bali
  • Bebek Betutu

    Being a light red, the Black Velvet goes down a treat with the slow roasted, falling-off-the-bone tenderness of the spicy marinated duck. The key is to use a really great quality ‘Kampung Duck’, go for the flavour rather than size. The duck meat will literally be like velvet!

  • Sop Buntut Ares

    For those cooler, rainy nights of the wet season sometimes you just crave a big bowl of steaming soup. Red wine and beef are the best friends when it comes to pairing, and they really bring out the best in each other.

  • Organic Banana Blossom Salad with Berry Vinaigrette

    Mixed with various orgenic lettuces and Berry fruit as the dressing. The character of the food is simple but strong in taste. The natural taste of banana blossom and berry vinaigrette will match with Black Velvet wine as it will perfectly melt in yiur mouth.

  • Cinnamon Herbal Pork Soup

    Pork is high in fat, but in this menu Cinnamon is used to minimized the fat. Combining this soup with Black Velvet wine will maximize the fat level reduction.

  • Roasted Beef Marinated with Cardamon & Chilli Chutney

    The flavors are intense but Chef Kelana believes that they taste amazing and will balanced with Black Velvet as the chili is not too over powering.

  • Lamb Shank Marinated with Ground Coriander with Spicy and Biryani Rice

    Black Velvet is particularly delicious with spicy roasted lamb. Although lamv is a young meat and so has developed less flavor than mutton, it does pair well with this red wine and gentle spices.

  • Tenderloin Beef in Torajan coffe & Brown Sugar Sauce

    The soft sensation of Black Velvet red wine especially designed to bring the coffee abd cinnamon fragrant that blend in perfectly.

  • Prawn Raw Cooked with Papaya, Pomegranade & Liquorice

    A perfect pairing of White Velvet wine and a line of raw prawns gently cooked with papaya, pomegranate and liquorice. The aroma of spices and white fruit to add flavor and sensation

  • Jelly Fruit Moscato with Exotic Fresh Fruit & Strawberry Yoghurt Sauce

    Variety of exotic fruit cuts in gelatin cooked with sababay moschato sparkling wine and serves in strawberry yoghurt cream. the aroma of mango, passion fruits, pineapple and a pinch of mint tickle your palate with freshness. 

  • Udang bakar bumbu

    Seafod and Rose really is Perfect pairing. The sweet, juicy prawns marinated in spicy bumbu are an easy light snack or stater at the beginning of meal, so having a fruity, crisp-tasting wine exactly what you want with them.

  • Sate Lilit Bali

    Light, white meats are always a great marriage with rose, so succulent pork sate are a natural fith with a rose. Thrown in a great chillu sambal, and you have a delicious afternoon treat to share with friends.

  • Pan Seared Baramudi fish with Passionfruit Sauce

    This menu is prepare with a lot of natural ingridients and little finishing touch in cooking process. Pink Blossom has very soft taste, making it a fine choice for Barramudi fish.

  • Fourth Tropical Layer

    There are four different tastes in one glass. Pink Blossom will clean your mouth, making it perfect pair to finish meal.

  • Fish Head stew with Spicy Coconut

    This Wine goes better with certain types of fish especially snapper. the coconut milk contains a lot of spices, which are very in tune with Pink Blossom.

  • Tomato Soup with Scented Lemongrass

    Ia fitting as Pink Blossom, neutralizes the tastes and compliments the flavors to a perfect balance.

  • Coq Au Violet

    This recipe is a twist from the famous Coq Au Vin but using a lighter than light pinot noir: beaujolais nouveau. Follow Julia Child's recipe of Coq Au Vin but use Reserve Red or Black Velvet instead - and serve the dish while it's still warm with a glass of slightly chilled Reserve Red for your ultimate enjoyment.

  • Beef Rendang

    Dozens of warm spices and coconut milk that have been caramelized slowly for hours married all ingredients' flavors into one luscious savory flavors. Only one more flavor that will make it complete; vibrant acidity that balances the richness of the gravy and highlight the tastiness of the slow cooked beef.

  • Peking Duck

    The savory flavor of the duck and the sweet-salty character of hoisin sauce are two dominant flavors of traditional Peking Duck. A sip of Reserve Red for every bite offers another flavor dimension coming from the cherry acidity and velvety tannin of Reserve Red.

  • Pizza Marinara

    It is very difficult not to like well made Marinara sauce which is made from tomato and it's also very interesting to see how the acidity in the sauce, when paired with the acidity from the red wine, they become sweet and highlight the pure flavors of the fresh tomato.

  • Dark Chocolate Pralines with Ludisia

    Dark Chocolate Pralines with Ludisia

  • Serabi

    This pairing was discovered by William Wongso & Yohan Handoyo when they pair Indonesian food with our wines. With Ludisia, the sauce (kinca) doesn't get sweeter, instead it becomes more velvety and the flavor is enhanced

  • Sate Ayam Bumbu Kacang

    We never expected that Ludisia could enhance this savory-sweet peanut sauce. All the ingredients' flavors like kaffir lime leaf and shallot becomes vibrant and dance on the palate

  • Veal Kidney With Madeira Sauce

    Another surprisingly pleasant pairing where Ludisia brings out and amplify the natural savory flavor of veal kidney. Could be the pauring you should try before you die

  • Lime Souffle

    This is a party on the palate; warm souffle followed by refreshing chilled moscato, creamy fluffy texture contrasted with fizzy clean touch - yet the lime in the souffle mirrors the lime character of young and fresh wine made carefully in low temperature.

  • Prawn Cocktail

    It is a no brainer choice; natural sweetness of fresh prawn combined with natural sweetness of grape grown in hot climate area in Bali - all wrapped in pleasant acidity of our wine that makes you want to have another bite after another bite.