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The journey of a thousand miles begin with one first step, working on quality for sustainable impacts.

Let’s travel to the North of Bali where Sababay sources grapes are growing. The last couple of years Buleleng, North of Bali has becoming a grape growing and wine producing destination. The establishment of the New Latitude wines highlights Alphonse Lavallee and Moscato grapes suitability and great potential for this tropical land. Meet the farmers under Asteroid R&D Vineyard they form a corporate farming concept which is a partnership to exclusively trade for a fair price. There result is sustainable good harvest.

Together with the winemaker team they bring the passion to develop the soils and fruits, with advances in temperature control systems combined with irrigation techniques, and better rootstock selections. Sababay Winery turns the grapes into diamonds in a bottle - it has opened up parts of the world previously thought unsuitable to wine production. WE IN Agro-tourism.