We In Music

Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.

We love music, it moves people regardless their age and background because music is the universal language of the mankind. It doesn’t matter what song you sing and what tunes you play, it allows you to lose yourself.

We In Jazz Music Festival, and now We In SoulFair Festival, Jakarta October 2014 – a new music festival concept that goes to the edges of music genre, it fusses the sounds of rock, R&B, electronic music and more. Among a list of giant corporation supporters, and surrounded by hundreds of music lovers, Sababay Winery stood tall as one of the partner for this annual music event. We believe our wine is like music, it can change lives, whether you are having a hard day or bad day the power of music can change one’s mood – just like music, our wines share good times, good memories, good vibes.