We In Good Cause

we are strong.

The President Director of Sababay Winery, Mrs. Mulyati Gozali says “Our vision is to be the best professionally managed local winery, the leader in South East Asia, a transfer of winemaking technology dedicated to Indonesia’s own agriculture potentials through direct fair trade business practices and integrated farming and at the same time bring up the welfare of the local grape farmers. We are happy to have constant product availability and support from the best distributor in Indonesia to ensure the local product will be the queen in their own country”.

She adds. With social contribution as part of our philosophy, Sababay Winery support a lot of charity and good cause events. Such as the Pink Ribbon breast cancer awareness campaign - by providing information and education and raising funds to support. BIWA (Bali International Woman Association), a woman organization that actively supported good cause celebrated their 40th anniversary with Moscato d’Bali. WE IN social awareness. WE IN local product. WE IN farmer welfare.