Right from the equator, the next chapter in grape growing and wine making from a New Latitude.

The Grapes

  • From the Island of God, Sababay Winery has proudly introduced six premium wines of Indonesia – PINK BLOSSOM (rose), BLACK VELVET (Red Wine), RESERVE RED (Dry Red Wine), WHITE VELVET (White Wine), LUDISIA (Sweet Red Wine) and MOSCATO d’Bali (Sweet Sparkling White Wine).

  • The establishment of the New Latitude wines highlights Alphonse Lavallée and Muscat Saint Vallier grape varieties suitability and great potential for this tropical land. These grape varieties that are grown in Bali and branded as “A Passionate Taste from A New Latitude”. “Naturally Irresistible”.

  • Sababay winery hope to be one of the first to initiate the concept of integrated farming that has economic, ecological as well as social cultural values that benefit the local grapes farmers in Bali.

Our Vineyard

  • Sababay winery selects its fruits from leading vineyards in the most exclusive grape growing areas of Gerogak - Seririt - Banjar on the north coast of Bali. The dry sunny weather, rich latero-volcanic soil are ideal conditions for grape growing in Bali as well as being a fruitful crop alternative for the farmers of this region. Sababay has also developed a research station high on the slopes of Mount Agung to test grape growing in the New Latitude at high altitudes.

  • Asteroid Vineyards, the subsidiary of Sababay Winery, started it's 'partnership' on its new 65-hectare vineyard in the buleleng region in late 2010. Local farmers were eager and ready for this arrangement, as the 1980's golden era of this region's grape market had long faded due to disease, excessive loans and poor marketing and distribution.

  • Asteroid has also made a commitment to hire the wives of the farmers to grape pick at harvest. In return, the farmers have agreed to follow specified viticulture routines and sustainable agricultural practices and to sell their grapes uniquely to Asteroid. Under this win-win partnership the farmers have quickly witnessed an increase of their yields and family income, and are once again excited about future of grape and wine production in Indonesia.

Bali Mynah

To honor our unparalleled bountiful nature, we have featured the majestic Bali Mynah, locally known as Jalak Bali, a rare white bird with distinctive ocean blue ring circling in its eye.


Our Winery

  • As a high tech Indonesian winery, Sababay production facilities spread over 2 hectares with state of the art grape processing equipment imported from France, one and only in Indonesia, all stainless steel fermentation and storage tanks with temperature control from Indonesia, automatic bottling line from Italy, cool storage for finished products, laboratory for quality control, sustainable solid and liquid waste management and all supporting facilities.

  • Sababay wines have been created by French born Winemaker Vincent Desplat. His vast knowledge of winemaking techniques was gained through experiences in France, Korea and Australia and his passion to explore new wine frontiers led him to Bali twenty years ago where he produced the first commercial wine. Since then, his intimate knowledge of the New Latitude conditions is recognized and his excitement at researching new grape varieties to grow and innovative techniques to implement is ever present.

  • Winemaker Vincent adds, “Wine is here to stay. When the industry picks up even more, then it’s time to bloom. Sababay wines will enlighten Bali’s outstanding natural products, to be able to work together with the local grape farmers in North Bali, has magnificent values and economies of scale. That’s the way to grow, the way to sustain.” Passionately yours.