Because we love Indonesia.

Our Story

  • The name ‘Sababay’ read as [sa-ba-bey] winery originates from our winery’s location along the beautiful ‘SABA’bay (Teluk Saba) in Gianyar, Bali. Sababay is recognized as 100% Indonesian wine in collaboration with the Asteroid R&D Vineyard and local Balinese grape farmers. The integrated farming concept result a sustainable good harvest – that has opened up parts of the world previously thought unsuitable to wine production.

  • Most wine lovers are familiar with Old World Wines and New World Wines. Old World Wines come from the traditional wine growing areas of Europe and North Africa. New World Wines come from areas such as USA, South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Now we have New Latitude Wines that come from countries like Brazil, India, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

  • The last couple of years have seen North Bali becoming a grape growing and wine producing destination. The establishment of the New Latitude wines highlights typical grapes suitability and great potential for this tropical land.

  • The winery built on 2 hectare of land, it is completed with state of the art grape processing equipment from France, the one and only currently found in Indonesia, stainless steel machinery with horizontal and vertical pressing, fermentation vessels, and automatic bottling line, a laboratory, waste management and all supporting facilities.

  • Just like diamonds, grape quality is extracted from the soil and after processing the final product, the wine is polished to give its best result, its best reflection. Another added value from grapes to wine proudly made in Indonesia.

  • Established in early 2010, presently Sababay Winery offers a selection of 6 wines, Award winning wines from international wine and spirits competitions; WSA Singapore 2014, CWSA 2014, HKIWSC 2014.