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Sababay Winery Creating a Local Legacy in Indonesia
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Written by: The Wine Economist
The Wine Economist’s chief Hanoi correspondent Ali Hoover recently visited Bali, Indonesia and volunteered to investigate the local wine sector, focusing on Sababay wine.
Written by: Essential Bali
When you’re perusing a restaurant menu or supermarket shelf you might turn your nose up at the idea of Balinese wine, but Sababay is determined to change your preconceptions
Written by: Dewi Magazine
Sababay Winery siap merambah pasar wine di Asia Tenggara.
Written by: Ultimate Bali’s
Nestled in the rolling valleys between the volcanoes of northern Bali, lush vineyards have been producing big, fat juicy grapes since colonial times. The grapes, which are variants of the Alphonse-Lavallee and Belgia grapes, are perfect for making fresh, lively wines.
Written by: Siaga Indonesia
Selama ini wine terbaik dikenal dari Eropa, khususnya Perancis. Wine asal Perancis menjadi digemari kalangan menengah atas, karena rasa dan aromanya yang khas.
Written by: NOW Bali
Sababay Winery, which sources its grapes from the local growers in Bali, falls into the “New Latitude” category. The establishment of the New Latitude wines highlights Alphonse Lavallee and Muscat grapes’ suitability and great potential for this tropical island.
Written by: Cious Mag
This is a local wine producer who aims not only to produce internationally competitive wine from the tropical soil, but also a business that sustainably gives back to the society by empowering local economy.
Written by: Fodor’s
Who would imagine there is winemaking in Bali but the the local Sababay Winery uses Bali-grown grapes, part of its commitment to grassrootspartnerships.
Written by: Detik Food
MegaFirst mengajak para nasabah dan member BMW dalam acara Sababay wine tasting. Kecuali mencicipi wine khas Indonesia yang unik, para tamu juga bisa belajar memadukan makanan dengan wine.
Written by: NOW Jakarta
With the Asian palate growing more and more accustomed to wine, Bali’s wines are set to experience a bloom in Indonesia.
Written by: Bali Bisnis
Anggota Kelompok Tani Sari Anggur, Banjar Bonbiyu, Desa Saba, Kecamatan Blahbatuh, Gianyar, Bali memulai aktivitas penanaman buah anggur pada lahan 2,4 hektare yang disiapkan untuk memasok pabrik wine Sababay Winery, Gianyar.